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Anything goes online. Well not anything, but you can get away with a lot that you could not get away with in live play. You could have your whole poker library at your finger tips and none of your opponents would know. Online you can, and should, take notes about your opponents while you play. In a live poker game you generally wait until after the game is done to take your notes. Online you can do it while you play.

<9>Online poker games are tougher than live games though. This is the most startling difference. If you are accustomed to playing in loose low-limit poker games, you are in for surprise. There are a lot of thins that contribute to making online poker game tougher. The biggest reason is that players who think they are winners in live games discover they are losers online. You are left with groups of skilled players requiring that you get beyond the basic skill set to beat the game. Mind you, this should not be exaggerated. Low-limits online are tougher to beat than low-limits in live play, but they are still easy to beat using the basic strategy.

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